The Narrow Chute was a gorge where an ancient bridge crossed the Katter River near High Fort.[1][2]

"The bridge was not a bridge at all. Trull had visited it once before, and left with naught but questions. Constructed, it seemed, from a single massive disc, notched in rows across its rim, which was broad enough to permit eight warriors to stride across it without shoulders touching. The disc was on end, filling the gap of the deep gorge below which roared the Katter River. The base of the wheel was lost in the chute's darkness and the mist rising ceaselessly from the rushing water. To cross to the other side, one had to walk that curved, slick rim. The hub of the enormous wheel was visible, at least three man-lengths down. Thigh-thick rods of polished stone, spear-shaft straight, angled out from a projection on the hub on both sides, appearing to plunge into the rock wall of the gorge's south side."
―Description of the bridge[src]

The "bridge" was in actuality an enormous and ancient mechanism that moved almost imperceptibly as if it were a timepiece. A stone panel was carved with arcane symbols associated with the Tusked Man, a mysterious grey-green figure with white tusks sighted now and then by the Den-Ratha over generations on the northern ice.[3]

In Midnight TidesEdit

During the Tiste Edur invasion of the Letherii Empire, Fear Sengar sent his brother, Trull, to lead fifty of his soldiers across the Katter River at Narrow Chute. They were to secure the bridge and await the arrival of Hanradi Khalag with rest of Fear's troops.[4] They were soon approached by a brigade of Letherii troops who were surprised to see the bridge held. The Letherii chose to retreat just before B'nagga and his Jheck joined Trull. Hanadi's army followed soon after. The Edur's Shadow wraiths hiunded the Letherii all the way back to High Fort.[5]


The mechanism at Narrow Chute appeared to be another of Icarium's many timepieces.

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