Map Genabackis from GotM

Map Genabackis from GotM

Nathilog was a city on an island in the north-west of Genabackis. It was amongst the first of the northern Genabackis settlements to be conquered by the Malazan Empire.[1][2] Some Malaz 2nd Army soldiers involved in the Siege of Pale were veterans of the campaign there.[3]

On the opposite side of the same island was the city of Ayjhan.

Pre-Malazan HistoryEdit

At one point, Nathilog was a fortress with ringed-round cyclopean walls, thick towers and deep donjons. During that time, a shipwrecked Seguleh was given a tour of its defenses to demonstrate that the place was impregnable. A detailed description of the encounter was given in Sulerem of Mengal's Histories of Genabackis.[4]

Prior to the conquest by the Malazan Empire, Nathilog had been notorious as a haven for pirates ruled by self-styled barons.[2] This collection of barons may have been what Crokus Younghand once referred to as the "Nathilog Confederacy".[5]

Presumably, an event known as the First Age of the Nathilog Wars took place here. Quick Ben said it occurred long before the Malazan Empire and involved the sorceress Nightchill.[6]

The Malazan army, specifically the Bridgeburners, faced a coalition of the Crimson Guard, Caladan Brood, Anomander Rake and the Tiste Andii, the Mott Irregulars, and the Nathii First Army during the Blackdog campaigns.[7]

Under Malazan ruleEdit

Nathilog became one of the main trading points for goods from Genabackis en route to Quon Tali. Its aristocracy was eventually completely Talianised.[2]

Anomander Rake thought the Malazan conquest of the city had been to its betterment. He described the city as once being less even than the pre-conquest Genabaris, which he labelled a "fetid sore". The Malazans had brought peace, reparation, law, and order. Now both cities could claim rivalry to Darujhistan.[8]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

At the time of the rise of the Jaghut Tyrant in Darujhistan, Nathilog was in the care of governor Agull'en who resided in the hall of rulership originally used by the barons. He had a bodyguard of twenty Barghast and used a Rhivi shaman as a mage.[2]

The self-styled Legate of Darujhistan sent an emissary to each of the ex-free cities, including Nathilog, to demand their governors' allegiance. The incredulous Agull'en pointed out that Darujhistan had no troops while the Malazans had thousands, then ordered the emissary flayed. It was likely Agull'en did not survive the emissary's response, which killed his guards and destroyed his ruling hall.[9]

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