Nauseo Sloven was the Demon of Corpulence, one of four demons who resided in Quaint. He lived in the garbage-strewn alley behind the city's former Palace of Earthly Delights and was much diminished now that the populace had fallen under the sway of the virtuous health-based regime of King Macrotus and the Lady of Beneficence.[1]

Nauseo had miniscule eyes that peered from flaccid folds of fat. He exuded foul odors and nurtured unthinkable substances between the folds of his skin. His oily hand fed grubs to his protruding tongue.[2]

In The Healthy DeadEdit

The tiny Demon of Corpulence lazily sprawled in his alley next to Senker Later, Demoness of Sloth, until the chaos inspired by Bauchelain, Korbal Broach, and Emancipor Reese energized him. He puffed up with greed until he filled nearly the entire alley, nearly crushing Sloth under his bulk.[3] When the D'bayang-crazed Well Knight Invett Loath tried to attack him with his sword, Nauseo suffocated the paladin in his pimply, yoghurt smeared armpit.[4]

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