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Nemil, located west of Seven Cities

Nemil was a kingdom[1] located on the same land mass as the Seven Cities sub-continent, but far to the west. The heart of the nation lay at the southernmost extent of the narrow Catal Sea although Perish settlements and harbours dotted the bays and inlets of the sea's rocky eastern coastland.[1] The western coast of the sea was occupied by Nemil's rivals, the Perish,[1] while the kingdom of Shal-Morzinn lay somewhere to the to the south. To the east were the lands of the Trell and to the southeast was the Jhag Odhan.[2]

The Nemil were an expansionist kingdom who had used their military in generations of warfare to push their Trell neighbours away from the coast and into the inland hills.[1] The Nemil army was composed of archers, infantry in the form of superbly trained legions that wielded pikes in a phalanx formation, and fearsome heavy cavalry (or cataphracts), who were composed of mostly the nobility, both men and women. A cataphract unit might be made up entirely of one extended noble family.[3]

At the same time, the Nemil navy was made up of primitive and awkward-looking war biremes, which never strayed far from the vast stretch of coast they patrolled.[1]

Some said that the lust for blood was the Nemil way of life.[4] Their success against the Trell gave them a certain arrogance and confidence in their prowess and righteousness. But their aggression met its match against the superior forces of the Perish, and the Nemil national spirit required that they pretend their rivals did not exist.[1]

The generations of contact between the Nemil and the Trell made it not uncommon to see mixed-blooded people in their territory.[1]


The Nemil often sought to expand and invade the lands inhabited by the Trell. Their frequent encroachment and transgressions on the Trell provoked a war between the two, with the Nemil led by their general, Saylan'mathas.[3]

The initial stages of the war swung in Nemil's favour, with the Trell too disorganised in their ways of battle to do permanent harm to the Nemil legions. However, under the leadership of Trynigarr, the Trell beat the Nemil at the Battle of Bayen Eckar and six more times, forcing the Nemil to sue for peace and agree to leave the Trell lands. But once military action was concluded, the Nemil and their Trellish half-breed scouts organised a sustained slaughtered of the Bhederin that the Trell depended on for food. This ultimately forced the Trell clans to abandon the lands that they had fought so hard to retain.[3]

Notable residents[]

In Midnight Tides[]

Withal recalled how traders returning to the Third Meckros city from Nemil had brought back Bhok'arala from that nation.[6]

In The Bonehunters[]

Mappo Runt recounted his experience against the Nemil at the Battle of Bayen Eckar.[3]

Admiral Nok's Malazan Imperial Fleet cut across the mouth of the Catal Sea carrying Adjunct Tavore Paran's Bonehunters back to Quon Tali after the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan. The Nemil were not inclined to confront the huge Malazan fleet, but a flotilla of merchant vessels, alerted of the fleet's arrival by their sages and accompanied by private and royal escorts, were eager to sell them supplies. From one Nemil captain, the Malazans learned that Tiste Edur ships had prowled the coasts near Nemil preying on traders for nearly two years. In those instances where the Edur clashed with Nemil's antiquated fleet, the results were disastrous for the Nemil. The same captain proved surprisingly reticent to speak anything of the Perish.[1]

In Reaper's Gale[]

The Third Edur Imperial Fleet menaced the waters of the Seven Cities continent searching for champions to face Emperor Rhulad Sengar and capturing natives they thought might provide valuable intelligence. Among those they took back to Letheras with them were Nemil fisher folk.[7]

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