Nerruse, also spelt Nerrus, was an Ascendant who was known as the 'Lady of Calm Seas and Fair Winds'.[1] She was the sister of Beru[2] and was, reputedly, Mael's daughter.[citation needed]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Cartheron Crust, having followed the mage, Wu, out of "Smiley's" in Malaz City on Malaz Island, came abreast of Wu standing curiously before a public shrine dedicated to Nerrus. Wu asked Cartheron about what he knew about the small shrine. The statue of a young woman was the focus of the shrine - the statue being made of local stone and standing with both bare arms uplifted. The figure was draped in scarves and garlands; surrounded by the remnants of candles, burnt incense; as well as by other offerings. The figure's left hand held a large seashell, while the right hand - which should have held a set of scales - was empty due to corrosion or vandalism. Cartheron, from the Napan Isles, knew that the missing scales were an important aspect of Nerrus, as she was said to use them to judge how worthy individual seafarers were, and thus now good their chances were of surviving to return to land. Cartheron was quite familiar with this type of shrine and told Wu about Nerrus.[3]


"Lady Nerrus. Goddess of the Shores. Calmer of storms and a patron goddess of sailors and fishers. Sister to Beru, Lord of Storms."
Cartheron informing the mage, Wu, about Lady Nerrus[src]

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