Night of Knives
Dramatis Personae Prologue
1. Portents and Arrivals
2. Assignations
3. Hounds of Shadow
4. Old Enemies, Old Friends
5. Feints and Fates
6. Resolutions
Epilogue Pagination

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The Malazans Edit

  • Emperor Kellanved, absent ruler of the Malazan Empire Eye-open
  • Dancer, Mater-Assassin and bodyguard to Kellanved
  • Surly, Mistress of the Imperial assassin corps, the Claw
  • Tayschrenn, Imperial High Mage
  • Temper, a Malazan soldier
  • Corinn, a mage, member of the Bridgeburner Brigade
  • Ash, an ex-officer of the Bridgeburner Brigade
  • Seal, a one-time Malazan army healer
  • Dassem Ultor, Champion and 'First Sword' of the Empire
  • Chase, an officer of the garrison at Mock's Hold
  • Hattar, bodyguard to Tayschrenn
  • Ferrule, member of Dassem's bodyguard, the Sword
  • Possum, an Imperial assassin, Claw

Inhabitants of Malaz Isle Edit

  • Coop, proprietor of the Hanged Man Inn
  • Anji, servitor at the Hanged Man Inn Eye-open
  • Kiska, a youth hoping to enter Imperial service
  • Lubben, gatekeeper at Mock's Hold
  • Fisherman, a mage of Malaz Isle
  • Agayla, spice dealer and mage of Malaz Isle
  • Trenech, regular at the Hanged Man Inn
  • Faro Balkat, regular at the Hanged Man Inn
  • Obo, a mage of Malaz Isle

Others Edit

  • Edgewalker, elder inhabitant of the Shadow Realm
  • Jhedel, a prisoner in the Shadow Realm
  • Oleg Vikat, a scholar of the Warrens
  • Surgen Ress, last Holy City Champion
  • Pralt, a leader of the shadow cult
  • Jhenna, Jaghut guardian of the Dead House

The following list records all of the characters that appear in Night of Knives in alphabetical order.

Names in bold indicate characters that are mentioned in the book's Dramatis Personae section.
Names in italics are characters that appear or are mentioned in the book, but are not listed in its Dramatis Personae section.

Characters that are only talked about or referred to in the books but do not make a full appearance are marked with (Mentioned only).
Characters that are talked about or referred before then making a full appearance in a later chapter of the book are marked with (First mentioned) and (First appearance).

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  • Lack-eye, Helmsman of the Rheni's Dream[5]
  • Lanesh, a Bloorgian priest (Mentioned only)[2]
  • Larkin, a garrison soldier at Mock's Hold[3]
  • Larl, a sailor on the Rheni's Dream[5]
  • Lazar, a member of the Crimson Guard (Mentioned only)[3]
  • Lubben, gatekeeper at Mock’s Hold[3]


  • Mole, a sailor on the Rheni's Dream[5]
  • Murl, Captain of the Rheni's Dream[5]


  • Nightchill, a member of the mage cadre at Y'Ghatan[2]
  • Nok, a Malazan admiral (Mentioned only)[2]








  • Urko, a Malazan commander (Mentioned only)[2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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