Night of Knives
Dramatis Personae Prologue
1. Portents and Arrivals
2. Assignations
3. Hounds of Shadow
4. Old Enemies, Old Friends
5. Feints and Fates
6. Resolutions
Epilogue Pagination

Shadow HouseEdit

Edgewalker follows a trail through the dusty, unused house to the prone bodies of two men. He welcomes Shadowthrone, the new Lord of Shadow, before realizing that the other man, Cotillion, is now at his back. Edgewalker introduces himself and Shadowthrone seems to recognize the name before standing up and altering the appearance of the room into one that is more to his liking.

Shadowthrone requests Edgewalker to guide the pair through their new domain, but Edgewalker refuses. He shrugs off Shadowthrone's threats to set the Hounds of Shadow on him saying he does not take orders and that the Hounds would not harm a fellow slave to Shadow. Shadowthrone reflects on his words then reminds Edgewalker he now commands Shadow before he and Cotillion fade from sight.

Edgewalker leaves the house wondering if those who seized the Throne of Shadow would ever learn. Why did they think the Throne was empty? In any case, he looks forward to the new Lord and to the possibility of "progression."

Pyre beachEdit

Why are you killing us FINAL small

Why are you killing us by Corporal Nobbs

Two children are looking for crabs at low tide when they discover a strange creature lying in the rocks. They argue over whether it is a drowned man, a fish, or a ghost before the scaled thing reaches out an arm for the boy's ankle. The horrified children scream and run off.

After sunset they return by torchlight with their grandfather. Alone, and armed with a knife, he advances to the rocks where he finds a Stormrider lying half dead in the surf. "Why are you killing us?", it asks giving the old man pause. "Us killing them? They were the demons that cracked ships open and sent men to their doom." The grandfather cuts the dying Rider's throat before heading back to the children, telling them the ghost has gone back to his home in the sea.

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