Nimander was once the head of the Purake noble house in Kurald Galain. He was the father of Silchas Ruin, Anomander Rake, and Andarist.

As reward for his service, Nimander gave up his land holdings and attendant staff to Mother Dark earning all involved the title of "Andii" or "Children of Night". His bloodline was further honored when his sons Silchas Ruin and Andarist were named Sons of Darkness and his son Anomander Rake was named First Son of Darkness.[1] This honor granted to a High House and the rumor that Nimander would wed Mother Dark, assuaged the realm's nobles who feared the ascension of the outsider, Draconus. When Nimander died, some suspected Draconus.[2]

Before his death, Nimander commanded that the words carved into his tomb face inwards so that they could only be read by the occupant of the tomb. His sons fought the urge to open the tomb to discover what message had been left by the father who would never see them.[3] Within the crypt, his body was encased within the hollowed-out trunk of a Blackwood tree.[3]

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