Nisstar and Artara were two badly scarred Pardu women,[1] experienced caravan guards from Seven Cities, who functioned together as a team. They had recently joined the Trygalle Trade Guild as shareholders and had participated in Trygalle Guild missions under the leadership of Karpolan Demesand — caravan master, High Mage, and merchant.[2]

The two women were never described specifically beyond their scarring, but as they were easily identified as Pardu by strangers, they must have had dark skin, black eyes, and the other traits characteristic of that tribe. They dressed in Trygalle Trade Guild livery and were well armed (with scimitars and knives at a minimum) and well armoured when on active duty.[3][4][5]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Nisstar and Artara (and other Trygalle Guild personnel) were in Ehrlitan, resting and awaiting the start of their next mission. They had participated in the delivery of supplies to Coltaine's army, Moranth munitions to Fiddler at Tremorlor, and cut stones to the Temple of the Queen of Dreams in Y'Ghatan.[6][7]

While attempting to learn information about a reported Shadow Dancer for their master, the two Pardu women managed to run afoul of the assassin, Apsalar, who was in the city on her own business.[8][9] After being significantly roughed up by Apsalar, the assassin told the Pardu that Mebra, Karpolan's information broker, had been slain by the Nameless Ones. Apsalar told the two women to carry the information back to their master and warn him to leave her alone.[6]

Nisstar and Artara were two of about a dozen or so men and women[10] who were assigned to work as caravan guards with a Karpolan Demesand-led Trygalle Trade Guild caravan which had been hired to provide escort for Ganoes Paran (along with his companions, the spirit of the dead Bridgeburner Hedge, and the Jaghut sorceress, Ganath) through the ancient Jaghut underworld realm, Verdith'anath, the 'Bridge of Death'.[11]

The progress of the Trygalle Guild caravan had become 'interesting' before it had even gotten halfway across the "fell" bridge, as they were attacked by hordes of ochre-skinned beast-men.[12] It continued in that fraught fashion as Nisstar and Artara and the rest proceeded across the bridge and then into the Nascent.[13][14] There Paran directed Hedge to free the five Deragoth by using munitions to destroy the statues that imprisoned them.

Before the monstrous Hounds could attack their deliverers, Karpolan hastily opened a gate through Hood's realm of the dead,[15] and from there through an extremely rough passage down a mountainside in Omtose Phellack, the Elder Jaghut Warren of Ice,[16] and so finally ending up safe on the Seven Cities continent, near G'danisban. The caravan experienced a significant loss of life, as well as other casualities among the shareholders. The two Pardu women were fortunate in that they survived the whole trip with only relatively minor injuries.[17][18]

As the Trygalle Guild mission progressed, it became apparent that Karpolan Demesand considered Nisstar and Artara to be the most experienced, capable, and trustworthy of the Trygalle Trade Guild's caravan guards, because, "as was his custom", he repeatedly called for the two of them, by name, whenever he required scouts to do reconnaissance, especially in dangerous and/or suspicious situations.[19][20]


Ganoes Paran: "Are you all right?"
One of the Pardu women: "Hood knows, we've had worse trips..."
―Ganoes Paran and one of the two Pardu women Trygalle Trade Guild caravan guards[src]

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