Old Man was an Azathanai living in a village in the Bareth Solitude. Draconus called him "Old Man" because the Azathanai had "not yet decided on a name", which Draconus called an "irritating affectation". Despite the name, he appeared to be in his twenties with a narrow, nondescript face and calm, dark eyes. Below the neck, his skin was covered randomly with ring-like tattoos that resembled scars left behind by a pox. A pallid light about the size of a man's head hovered over his left shoulder. His voice made Arathan think of "pond water beneath a thin sheet of ice".[1]

Anyone approaching Old Man without magical protection was exposed to a cold vacuum that would cause their blood to boil and their eyes to burst.[2]

Old Man was fond of saying that "my child approaches" and that he would continue saying that "until I need say it no more". Draconus said he never understood why Old Man was "content with mere reflection."[3]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Draconus and Arathan spoke to Old Man outside his home, with Draconus shielding his son from Old Man's power. Old Man said it had been many years since they last met at the time of the Thel Akai's disavowal.[4] He then cryptically commented that Draconus' gift would be a "great disappointment...Perhaps even a hurt, a deep wound". He said Draconus' usage of Night was without precedent, infuriating the "believers", like Ardata and the Sister of Dreams, who sought redress and healing in the Vitr.[5] Finally, he warned Draconus that "the High King has built a ship" which so stunned Draconus that he momentarily forgot the ward protecting Arathan.[6]

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It is speculated that Old Man may be Old Man Moon of Jacuruku due to his crater-like scars, the dull sphere that hangs over his head, the references to the cold void of space, and Draconus' remark on reflective light.

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