Oleg Vikat [Oh-leg Vick-at] was a one-time acolyte of Hood and a theurgical scholar. He claimed to have discovered a foundational understanding of the Warrens, especially Shadow. He was considered to be mad and had been in hiding prior to events in Night of Knives.[1]

Oleg was an old man, ghostly pale, and white-haired.[2]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Oleg turned up in Malaz City on the night of the Shadow Moon in 1154 BS. There he met secretly with Tayschrenn on the grounds of the E'Karial Manor, claiming Emperor Kellanved had stolen his research and was about perpetrate a terrible act. Tayschreen disregarded his fantastic claims and Oleg was soon assassinated by a shadow cultist serving Dancer.[3] But the planar conjunction of the Shadow Moon allowed Oleg's spirit to live on and gain knowledge from Shadow to prove his claim. He gave this newfound knowledge to Kiska to pass to Tayschrenn and then traveled to the Deadhouse to stop Kellanved and Dancer. Ultimately, he failed and was consumed by the guardians of the house.[4]

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