Omtose Phellack by Toraneko

Interpretation of Omtose Phellack (by Toraneko)

Omtose Phellack [Ahm-tōs Fell-lack][1] was the Jaghut Elder Warren of Ice,[2] affiliated with the Ice Hold. It was a cold and almost airless realm with steep jagged walls of ice emitting a blue-green light.[3] Its power had been weakened and damaged by countless T'lan Imass breaches over the millennia,[3] and whenever it was unveiled those implacable undead warriors were aware and tracked it to its source.[4]

Omtose Phellack was said to bring the cold required to temper the fire and heat of life.

In Memories of IceEdit

Omtose Phellack by Artaya

Omtose Phellack unleashed by Artaya

Gethol passed into the Warren after he was dismissed from Hood's service. There he found a deep fissure leading into the Warren of the Crippled God.[3]

At the end of the Pannion War, Quick Ben brought the Pannion Seer to Burn's underground realm where the Seer unveiled Omtose Phellack to fight the Crippled God's infection. This became the final manifestation of Omtose Phellack in the Malazan world. Burn's servant, the Witch of Tennes, warned the Bonecaster Kilava Onass that she was not to reveal its existence to the T'lan Imass.[5]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Within Omtose Phellack was a magical realm known as the Refugium.[6]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Omtose Phellack was a place in the Jaghut Odhan of the Jaghut Realm and referred to as the "Empty City".[7] It had once been a great city of the Jaghut until the Lord of Hate had convinced his race to dissolve their civilisation and retire to solitary existences.[8] It was the location of the Tower of Hate. Haut talked about awakening the sorcery of Omtose Phellack.[9]

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