Selush: "Well, an ootooloo is a small soft-bodied creature that feeds through a crevice, a sort of vertical slit for a mouth. Its skin is covered in cilia with the unusual quality of transmitting sensation. These cilia can take root in membranous flesh—-"
Tehol: "Hold on a moment," Tehol said, aghast, "you're not suggesting—-"
Selush: "Most men can't tell the difference, but it enhances pleasure many times... or so I am led to believe. I have never invited one inside, since the emplacement of an ootooloo is permanent, and it needs, uhm, constant feeding."
Selush to Tehol Beddict[src]

An ootooloo was described as a primitive but singular sea-creature which lived in hot springs in the Bluerose Mountains.[1][2] It was a form of parasite kept secret among women. After implantation, its cilia would eventually permeate the entire body.[2]

In Midnight TidesEdit

The parasite was "installed" by Selush in Shurq Elalle as part of a deal made between Shurq and Tehol. The ootooloo "enlivened" otherwise dead "spaces" reawakening the thief to sexual pleasure and granting her brighter and more vigourous skin. To keep the creature's tendrils from invading her brain, a poison developed from a small creature that shared the ootooloo's hot springs was infused into Shurq's brain.[2] As a side effect, Shurq had to constantly engage in sexual activity to keep the voracious ootooloo fed.

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