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It is said that once a ruler of far off Tulips hosted a great and rich banquet (Tulips then being a prosperous city, unlike now) at the end of which he invited the guests to stand and give their definition of a full and happy life- the best of version of which he would reward with a heavy torc of gold. One after the other the guests stood to assure the ruler that his was in fact the best exemplar of a full and happy life. A Seguleh traveler chanced to be attending the celebration and she did not rise to participate in the competition. Irked, the king bade the woman stand and deliver her, all to secretive, version of a full and happy life.

The woman dipped her mask in compliance and stood. 'Of a full and happy life I can give no accounting,' she replied. 'But we Seguleh believe that the gods give men and women happiness only to reach again and take them away. Therefore, it seems to us that it is only at the very end, at one's death, that any such measure can be made.'

And the king bade the woman depart without any largesse or honor, for he thought it utter foolishness to withhold measure until the end. Yet it is said that afterwards all peace of mind fled the ruler as he fretted without cease over when his many advantages might slip from him and in end he died tormented and mad.
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