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Orb Sceptre Throne
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Epilogue Pagination
And he who knew many conflicts
spoke these words:

Where have the swordsman gone?
Where is the gold giver?
Where are the feasts of the hall?

Alas for the bright dome!
Alas for the fallen splendor!

Now that time has passed away,
dark buried in night,
as if it never had been!

Where lay the servants,
wound round with wards?
Brought low by warriors
and their cruel spears.

Now storms beat
at rocky cliffs
the bones of Earth
harbingers of storm.

All is strife and trouble
in earthly kingdoms.
Here men are fleeting
Here honor is fleeting.

All the foundation of Earth
turns to waste
Song of the Exiles

Moon's Spawn[]

Antsy, Malakai, and Orchid stay for the night at the Inn. The next morning, Malakai brings supplies along with him and they set off, Malakai paying for the three of them to go on-board the boat taking them to Moon's Spawn. At a reef like collection of rocks, Malakai and Orchid disembark along with Corien. Antsy, however, takes a sailor hostage, demanding to know how they are supposed to come back. He does not get a proper response, however, and crashes into the sea. When he comes to, Malakai has managed to salvage his panniers. They enter Moon's Spawn, and the entire group decides to rest.

At the Shores of Creation[]

Kiska and Leoman have been virtually imprisoned inside the cave for some time now. She starts wondering about her life choices when she sees Leoman sleeping peacefully. Through a flashback she remembers why she left the Claw. When her Claw Hand had been betrayed by the leader of another Hand for a promotion which resulted in the death of two valuable insiders in a Seven Cities anti-occupation movement, Kiska got sick of the coldness with which lives were bartered and the politics of it all. Shortly after, she left and entered Tayschrenn's service.

Breaking out of her reverie, she notices something is different and steps out to be informed that the Daemons will let her go. She wakes Leoman and the two walk off. They encounter Korus, who is unhappy that the daemons decided to let them go, but does them no harm. The two continue their search for Tayschrenn.