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What is the Deck of Dragons?
But where one bends to look
For reflections
Of all things unseen?

Verse attributed to the Seer of Callows



Spindle has just returned after the reconnoitering mission and he cannot sleep. He spots a huge dome like structure that is translucent. He describes it to Duiker.

Torvald Nom[]

Torvald Nom wakes up next to his wife Tiserra and leaves for work. He is employed as a guard at Lady Varada's estate. As he exits his house, he notices the Malazan Heavy infantry leaving Darujhistan. Troubled by this, he proceeds to the estate. He finds the castellan Studious Lock, and Studious informs him that the Lady is ill but has left specific instructions for Torvald. These instructions include Torvald Nom becoming the leader of House Nom, and hence becoming a Councillor to the seat that House Nom holds in the Council of Darujhistan.

Torvald heads to Majesty Hill where he meets a clerk. After filing his paperwork that registers him as a Councillor, he heads for the Chambers where an emergency meeting is in session. He meets Councillor Coll, who is in a bullish mood. After introducing Torvald to the basics of how the council works, Torvald is witness to a motion that re-creates the position of the Legate. The Councillor who has introduced this motion is Jeshin Lim, cousin to Shardan Lim. Jeshin Lim then proceeds to promote himself as a candidate for the newly resurrected role of Legate. Torvald nominates Coll as a candidate, and Redda Orr seconds him, but Jeshin Lim gets the maximum number of votes, making him the legate and giving him sweeping powers over the Council.

Rallick Nom[]

Rallick Nom checks the Phoenix Inn to find Jess, but there is no sign of Kruppe. He heads to Baruk's estate only to find the place in complete disarray and the interior rooms ransacked. He finds clues of small slipper-ed feet and finds the Demon Chillbais who tells him that Hinter is gone. He finds a box of Otataral and a chest of slivers, which are apparently slivers of death.


Aragan finds the last of the cadre mages assigned to his contingent of the Fifth assassinated, effectively cutting off all instant sources of communication to the Command at Unta. He asks Captain Dreshen to bring the box containing the Imperial Sceptre, a device that allows them to communicate with head office and Aragan leaves a message, informing command of the present situation.

Humble Measure[]

Humble Measure is interrupted in his office by a secretary of the Council, who informs him that his business has been seized by the Council for strategic purposes. Humble does not dispute it, and goes off to talk to the Legate.

Coast of the Meningalle Sea[]

Ephren is a fisherman in a small hamlet along the coast of the Meningalle Sea. He and his fellow villagers witness six long vessels slide to the shore where hundreds of Seguleh disembark. They set fire to their boats and set off without any sound into the mountains.