The Orb of the Tyrants - often referred to in the shortened form as the "Orb" - was the ancient name for the huge protective dome that was formed over the entire Majesty Hill of Darujhistan during the Age of Tyrants. The "Orb" was anchored all around its base by the perfect Circle of linked, magically hardened, large white alabaster[1] stones. The dome, itself, appeared to glow with a bluish-white inner light. It could be easily seen through, and it looked as though it were "as thin and translucent as a bubble".[2]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

Previous to the latest iteration of the Tyrant Kings - in the form of a newly installed Legate - the last time that the 'Orb of the Tyrants' had existed was a millennium in the past, when the last of the Tyrants fell. The "Orb" failed at that time because the Circle (of stones) had been "broken".[3] Upon which event, the inhabitants of Darujhistan separated the individual stones from each other and submerged them in the deep waters of Lake Azur.[4]

The Legate, firmly in power, saw to the retrieval and cleaning of all of the ancient stones from the lake[5] and their removal to a trench which had been dug all the way around Majesty Hill. The cleaned stones were then set and connected - end to end - by workers labouring night and day. These labourers worked under the oversight of two mages who were "servants" of the Legate, Aman and Baruk. After the stones had undergone being ensorcelled by the mages, the trench was refilled until the Circle of the - now unnaturally - hardened stones was completed.[6]

At this point the 'Orb of the Tyrants' reappeared permanently over Majesty Hill and it was easily able to withstand the multiple aerial attacks upon the dome by the largest of Moranth munitions dropped on it by the Moranth from their Quorls.[7]

After some early failed attempts - by Spindle and other regulars of "K'rul's Bar"[8] - to destroy, or at least to damage, any of the stones in the Circle 'supporting' the "Orb" dome, Caladan Brood was finally able to crack one of the stones by two double-fisted blows of his mighty hands.[9] This 'breaking' of the Circle removed not only the 'Orb of the Tyrants', but also removed the Legate's power and resulted in his ultimate fall and destruction.[10][11]

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