Ordig was a poet travelling across the Great Dry on the Cracked Pot Trail to Farrog to compete for the Mantle of The Century's Greatest Artist. Rival poet Brash Phluster thought him talented only at producing thousands of mouldy scrolls and providing sexual favors to his patron.[1]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

When Ordig's caravan ran out of food, the other travelers decided to cook and eat the group's artists, who they saw as useless. Each night the poets performed and the worst was killed and butchered. Ordig perished on the twenty-second night of the trip, along with Aurpan, when Well Knight Arpo Relent suggested there were enough poets for two meals a day. Avas Didion Flicker thought Ordig tasted sour and several others complained of indigestion afterwards.[2]

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