Orlat Kepten, nicknamed "Fat" Kepten, was part of the Old Guard. He had once been captain of the Spear, a ship in Urko's fleet, and Storo Matash had been his first mate.[1]

He was a silver-haired Dal Honese.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

He was a captain of Talian Forces in the Talian League during the Malzan civil war. Early in the war he engineered an attempted coup in Li Heng that claimed the life of Fist Rheena, the city's military governor. He attempted to recruit Storo Matash to his side, but Storo, now a Malazan captain, defied him and prevented Orlat from seizing the City Temple.[3] This meant that Li Heng had to be taken by force instead of treachery, which bogged down the League army and likely led to their loss in the civil war.

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