Orman was a lowlander who lived near Curl in northern Assail below the Iceblood Holdings. He was the son of Orman Bregin, a borderman sworn to Eusta the Ill, predecessor of the township's current Baron, P'tar Longarm.[1]

In AssailEdit

Orman was recruited by Old Bear and Gerrun Shortshanks for a job in the gold fields. Before he left, his mother convinced him to claim Boarstooth, his father's magical spear currently hanging in the longhouse of his uncle Jal.[2] He met Old Bear in the woods along with fellow recruits Keth and Kasson, the Reddin brothers. Before long, a hunting party arrived led by Jal looking for the return of his prized spear. Angered by Jal's insults of his father, Orman discovered the power of the spear when he used it to slay his uncle.[3]

Old Bear's group travelled to the Sayer holding before Old Bear revealed that they were actually being recruited to serve as Sayer hearthguards. Old Bear was persuasive and Orman agreed to join in service of his former enemies.[4] At the Sayer Greathall, Orman discovered that his father too had been a Sayer hearthguard. He had also fathered a son named Jass with Vala, making Jass Orman's half-brother. Lotji Bain kidnapped Jass in an attempt to challenge Orman for the spear that once belonged to his uncle, Jorgan Bain. Lotji succeeded in winning the spear through trickery, leaving Orman for dead and blinded in one eye.[5] Orman tracked down and slew Lotji and recovered his speared, but it was too late for Jass.[6]

Orman defended the Sayer Greathall until it was overwhelmed by foreign fortune hunters. He then retreated with the survivors to the mountains above the holding. There Buri, the Iceblood elder, convinced Orman to slay him with the spear to unleash the Jaghut ice wall.[7]

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In the presence of the Forkrul Assail, Orman represented the Jaghut race in the forging of a new peace compact between the Forkrul Assail, Jaghut, Imass, and Tiste Andii.[8] Afterwards, he gathered the surviving Icebloods and Keth and Kasson to found a new united clan to protect the secrets of the mountains.[9]

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