Orren was a Seti warrior of the 'Eagle Clan' of the Seti Plains during the time of the initial formation of the Malazan Empire. He was young enough to be considered a 'young blood', but was experienced enough to be assigned to lead a group of ten other young warriors.[1]

In Kellanved's ReachEdit

One night, Orren was one of a band of mounted warriors of the Eagle Clan who were escorting the Clan's aged shaman, Tolth. Tolth, wanting to talk to Ullara of Li Heng - who had been travelling northward across the Seti Plains towards the Great Fenn Range - had Orren and the other warriors dismount and wait for her at a "respectful distance" while she approached Ullara's small fire to speak with her. On being questioned by Ullara about the fairly large band of warriors accompanying her, the shaman replied that they were just her "honour guard". After a genial conversation with Ullara - during which she told Ullara that the Seti had taken to calling her the 'bird-woman' - Tolth asked Ullara for permission to leave some 'young bloods' with Ullara to be guides, bodyguards, and escorts of the young woman. Having convinced Ullara of the wisdom of this, Tolth assigned Orren and ten other young men and women to be Ullara's own 'honour guard'. Orren and the others escorted Ullara - keeping their distance as Ullara had requested, approaching only when Ullara clearly needed assistance.[2]

Weeks later, Orren and his fellows spotting the approach of Ryllandaras, the 'White Jackal', readied their bows and came to Ullara to protect her as best as they could - as they had sworn to do. Ullara, sure that Ryllandaras was not hunting and that she would be safe with him, ordered Orren and the other young warriors to stand aside and leave her to meet with Ryllandaras alone. After much hesitation, Orren ordered his group to depart. After Ullara and Ryllandaras had finished with their discussion with each other and the man-beast had bounded away, Orren and his group rejoined Ullara, kneeling on one knee in grave respect for the exceedingly brave 'bird-woman'.[3]

After another two weeks had passed, Ullara, Orren and his warriors reached the northern limit of Seti territory. Ullara told Orren and the others to leave her and to return to Tolth, telling the shaman of what they had seen. Orren and the others were very reluctant to leave Ullara, but obeyed her very clear orders to leave her. Ullara took a very fond farewell of Orren and the other young bloods, saying, "Fare thee well, children of the plains!"[4]

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