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Otataral Island was located off the east coast of the Seven Cities continent. It was so named for the abundant supply of magic-deadening otataral found there. The supply was large enough to warrant multiple Malazan mining operations in the island's southern region, which were carried out by slaves and political prisoners. Malazan ships diligently patrolled the waters surrounding the island to prevent trespass in these areas.[1]

The northern region of the island was dominated by the Bandiko Desert while the island's central region was the home of the Tanno holy city of Karakarang. A major pilgrim route began in Rutu Jelba and crossed the Talgai Mountains to the holy city.[2]

The island was mostly covered in desert and mountainous regions.

Cities and settlements[]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Otataral Island was the site of some of the earliest outbreaks of the Whirlwind rebellion against Malazan rule. Dosin Pali and the Skullcup prison camp quickly fell to the rebels.[3] Three Skullcup prisoners, Baudin, Felisin Paran, and Heboric escaped in the confusion and made their way to the coast. Along the way, they discovered a giant jade hand buried in the desert. Heboric touched the jade with the stump of his hand causing his arm to become shot through with veins of green and otataral red.[4][5]

In The Bonehunters[]

During the Bluetongue Plague, the Tanno Spiritwalkers placed Otataral Island under self-imposed isolation. Once the plague was broken, they lifted the order and merchants from Rutu Jelba made their way to the mainland. They brought basic staples to trade, but found mostly empty villages.[6]

Cutter, Scillara, Barathol Mekhar, and Chaur crossed the Otataral Sea body aboard the carrack, Sanal's Grief, to bring Heboric's body to Otataral Island. Suddenly the sky above lit up as a dozen enormous pieces of jade plunged toward the island with the fire of a dozen suns that could be seen from over a thousand leagues away. Ganoes Paran made a bargain with Hood that saw Heboric brought back to life. The historian reached towards the incoming mountains of jade and a glowing green dome appeared above the island. From the dome rose dozens of jade hands that stopped the falling suns and saved the world from cataclysmic destruction. The sound of the jade stones striking the dome was on a scale to deafen the gods.[7]

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