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Seven Cities

The Otataral Sea was found in the northeast part of the Seven Cities continent. It, or a portion of it, also appeared to be known as the Kansu Sea as that was what Fiddler and Kalam Mekhar called the area between the Skara Isles and Ehrlitan.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Fiddler, Kalam, and Apsalar crossed the Kansu Sea from the Skara Isles to Ehrlitan. Along the way they were attacked by an enormous Dhenrabi, which Fiddler dispatched with a cusser launched from his crossbow.[1]

At the start of the Whirlwind rebellion, Duiker sent Kulp and the crew of the Ripath across the Otataral Sea to rescue Heboric, who was with Baudin, and Felisin Younger on the shore of Otataral Island.[2] As the ship attempted to make its return voyage, a mad mage opened a rent sending the Ripath into the Nascent.[3]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Cutter, Scillara, Barathol Mekhar, and Chaur crossed the Otataral Sea body aboard the carrack, Sanal's Grief, to bring Heboric's body to Otataral Island. Suddenly the sky above lit up as a dozen enormous pieces of jade plunged toward the earth with the fire of a dozen suns that could be seen from over a thousand leagues away. A hail of smaller firestones sank the carrack, turning rust red as they made contact. Heboric's corpse sank into the depths. Cutter and Scillara were rescued by Spite in her Soletaken Eleint form and brought back to the vessel she shared with Mappo Runt and Iskaral Pust. Barathol rescued a drowning Chaur and brought him to Spite's vessel on his own.[4]

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