Map Genabackis from GotM

Map Genabackis from GotM

Pale was one of the Free Cities on the continent of Genabackis.[1] According to Ganoes Paran, it was about a thousand leagues from Genabaris although this may have been a figure of speech.[2] Tattersail estimated Pale to be about three thousand leagues from Unta.[3]

Many of the roofs were tiled[4] and the streets cobbled.[5] In what was likely the Krael Quarter, a maze of shanties and lean-tos crouched against the city walls.[6]

The city had massive ancient stone walls, the foundations of which were built on a huge glacial dump which covered the entire valley area. Below the city walls this rock pile filled a giant crevice reaching so far underground that even with magic it was hardly possible to find its bottom.[7]

Captain Paran's impression of Pale was that of a dying city as he observed the 'faded canopies over sagging balconies' indicating the 'bleached tints of long-lost glory'.[8]

After the Siege of Pale, the streets were ill-lit. Whether this had always been the case was not made clear.[9]


Pale had a long-running and bloody history with the Moranth.[10]

When the Malazan Empire advanced on the city, the mages of the city made an alliance with Anomander Rake.[11]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

The Malazan Empire, under High Fist Dujek Onearm, had laid siege to Pale for three years by the time the Siege of Pale ended in the late winter of 1163rd year of Burn's Sleep.[12] Once the city had been conquered, the Moranth were given an hour to take retribution, resulting in 18,739 people being killed, one for every Moranth confirmed as a victim of the trade war they had fought with the Free City.[13][14]

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The city served as the base of operations for the now-renegade Dujek and his army. Tensions with the city's populace were high as the normal Malazan bureaucratic and financial controls exercised in conquered cities were outside the expertise of the conquering army.[15]

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Malazan troops maintained a garrison at Pale that served as the headquarters of Fist K'ess. When Darujhistan's new Legate demanded Pale's allegiance and the expulsion of the Malazan occupiers, the citizenry of Pale were quick to comply.[16] Beseiged in their burning garrison by crowds of rioters, the Malazans were forced to fight their way out of the city.[17]

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