Pampera was nineteen years old and one of three young women comprising the entourage of performer Nifty Gum. She was linguistically challenged and practiced the art of simpering through a steady routine of held poses.[1]

Pampera was slim and had long honey hued hair with ends blackened by kohl. She had large eyes and flawless skin.[2]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

Pampera accompanied Nifty, Sellup, and Pampera on the Cracked Pot Trail in order to attend The Century's Greatest Artist competition in Farrog. When the caravan ran out of food, the other well armed travelers decided their "useless" artistic companions would be more useful as meals. Every night Nifty and the others would perform in competition for the right to live another day.[3] After Sellup's death, Nifty, Oggle, and Pampera went off on their own. The starving Nifty and Pampera soon set upon Oggle, strangling her, and feeding off her body even as she was not completely dead. Afterwards, perhaps feeling guilty, Pampera turned on Nifty taking a bite out of his shoulder and calf. He responded by biting through her jugular vein, killing her.[4]

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