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Seven Cities subcontinent

Pan'potsun was one of the Holy Cities of Seven Cities.[1] It was situated on the northeastern coast of the subcontinent.


It was there that the mage, Hairlock joined the Malaz 2nd Army's mage cadre after the Siege of Aren.[2]

In House of Chains[]

During the Whirlwind rebellion, several hundred Malazans from Pan'potsun, G'danisban, and Ehrlitan, had fled to the mountain fortress, B'ridys, southwest of G'danisban. There they were besieged by the people of G'danisban.[3]

In The Bonehunters[]

Cutter, Heboric, Scillara, Felisin Younger, and Greyfrog passed through the city on their way from Raraku to Otataral Island. They were forced to sell their horses there for food and supplies.[4]


When asked by a fan whether the name "Pan'potsun" was meant to invoke "pots and pans", author Steven Erikson said the name was actually "a riff on an archaeological site".[5]

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