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The Pannion War began in the 1160th year of Burn's Sleep and involved the Pannion Seer, a Jaghut thrust into the wound of a warren as a five year old boy along with his younger sister, who was then further corrupted and ultimately used by the Crippled God. The war was used by the Pannion Seer and the Crippled God as a means of causing untold suffering to as many as possible. The war was ended by the remnants of the Bridgeburners and their allies at Coral with large casualties suffered on all sides.


"   Onearm's Host, in that time, was perhaps the finest army the Malazan Empire had yet to produce, even given the decimation of the Bridgeburners at the Siege of Pale. Drawn from disparate regiments that included companies from Seven Cities, Falar, and Malaz Island, these ten thousand soldiers were, by roll, four thousand nine hundred and twelve women, the remaining men; one thousand two hundred and sixty-seven under the recorded age of twenty-five years, seven hundred and twenty-one over the age of thirty-five years; the remaining in between.

   Remarkable indeed. More so when one considers this: among its soldiers could be found veterans of the Wickan Wars (see Coltaine's Rebellion), the Aren Uprising (on both sides), and Blackdog Forest and Mott Wood.

   How does one measure such an army? By their deeds; and that which awaited them in the Pannion Domin would make of Onearm's Host a legend carved in stone.
―"East of Saltoan", a History of the Pannion Wars
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