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Perish was a kingdom[1] located on the same land mass as the Seven Cities sub-continent, but far to the northwest. It was a mountainous land of steep coasts[2] on a vast mountain-girdled peninsula on the western side of the narrow Catal Sea.[3]

The closest eastern neighbour of Perish was Nemil, which lay on the opposite side of the Catal Sea. The Nemil Kingdom was arrogant and expansionist. They devoured the lands of the neighbouring Trell, but their failures against the superior forces of the Perish were such a blow to the kingdom's psyche that the Nemil were forced to pretend their rivals did not exist.[3]

The Perish were a fair-skinned people.[4]

Perish was the home of the military order called the Perish Grey Helms.

Huge red-tailed ravens with voices of strange, harsh laughter lived along Perish's western coast.[5]

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In The BonehuntersEdit

Admiral Nok's Malazan Imperial Fleet cut across the mouth of the Catal Sea carrying Adjunct Tavore Paran's Bonehunters back to Quon Tali after the Last Siege of Y'Ghatan. They encountered a fleet of thirty-one Thrones of War belonging to the Perish Grey Helms. Mortal Sword Krughava pledged the ships and her soldiers to the Adjunct's service.[7]


"No. And I would counsel against the Empire ever making the attempt."
―Peleshar, upon being asked if her land was a holding of the Malazan Empire[src]

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