Petal was an Avowed mage in the First Company of the Crimson Guard. Petal was grey-haired and depended on a cane to walk.[1] He was described as 'the largest man alive and a crushingly shy mage to boot.' 

As a mage, Petal primarily used Mockra - the Warren of manipulation and of the mind.

For a time he engaged in a relationship with fellow Guard Mara.[2]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

At the end of the Diaspora he returned to Fortress Haven on Stratem with Skinner.[3] Afterwards, the entire reunited Guard now under command of Skinner invaded Unta, the Malazan imperial capital, before challenging the Malazan armies on Quon Tali at Li Heng. There, Petal fought alongside Skinner as one of his guard of Avowed mages.[4] Petal appeared to be one of the unnamed Avowed mages who attacked the Malazan eastern redoubt with magic. Sergeant Jumpy described the attacker as "a man leaning on a staff, twisted-looking like he'd been wounded bad, or had survived childhood rickets."[5]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Petal was part of Skinner's bodyguard of mages, who were condemned Disavowed by K'azz D'Avore for their role in the Battle of the Plains.[6]

In AssailEdit

After rejoining K'azz's faction, Petal travelled to Assail as part of Shimmer's expedition to find Cal-Brinn and the lost Fourth Company. It was his magic that allowed the Guard to pass through the dangerous Omtose Phellack magic that turned the Dread Sea into a mariner's graveyard.[7] Petal perished when an avalanche of unnatural ice destroyed the Guard's ship in the channel between the Dread Sea and the Sea of Gold.[8]

In Dancer's LamentEdit

Before the Vow and before the war with the Malazan Empire, Petal was part of the D'Avore family's legendary mercenary company, the Crimson Guard. Well known for their opposition to the Talian hegemony, the Guard was commanded by K'azz's father, Courian D'Avore.[9][10] Silk, city mage of Li Heng, noted that Petal belonged to the Guard's cadre of mages, which was second to none.[11]

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