Phyrlis was a Jaghut woman whose body had been completely encased by an ancient and enormous tree, which had grown around her on a hilltop in the Jhag Odhan. The tree had a massive, knotted trunk and thick branches. Its thin and peeling bark was completely covered in translucent spiders' webs. A single shaft of wood could be discerned emerging from just behind her right collarbone, rejoining the main trunk along the side of her head.[1]

She did not speak aloud, but telepathically with a fluid and soft voice.[2]

Phyrlis called Cynnigig brother and he called her sister, but it was unclear if this defined an actual familial relationship.[3]


As a baby, still suckling from her mother's breast, Phyrlis and her mother had been run down by a band of T'lan Imass. The mother was slain, and Phyrlis was spitted on a spear, and the spear anchored into the earth. However, that spear, wrought of native wood had unwittingly been driven into the ground of an Azath House and so, took what it could of Phyrlis' life-spirit and was reborn. Roots reached down to grip the bedrock, branches and leaves sprang anew, and in return the wood's own life-spirit rewarded the child. Phyrlis renewed the tree, the tree renewed Phyrlis.[4]

Phyrlis was responsible for the continued existence of the Jhag horses of the odhan. Their infrequent breeding cycles meant they did not reproduce often enough to maintain their population. Her blood gave the horses enough longevity to allow them to replenish their numbers.[5]

In House of Chains Edit

Icarium was known to carry arrows made from the very tree which had engulfed Phyrlis, returning again and again to replenish his stock and never remembering the last encounter. He also asked repeatedly for her heartwood, so that he might fashion from it a mechanism to measure time, as her heartwood alone could outlive all other constructs. Phyrlis always refused as the loss of the wood would mean her death.[5]

Karsa Orlong met her when he sought to acquire a Jhag horse to replace the first Havok. He was brought into her presence by Cynnigig as a favour for Aramala. Phyrlis summoned a herd she assumed to number a dozen, but ten to fifteen thousand horses appeared instead. Phyrlis attributed this to the smell of Blood-oil in the Teblor's blood. From the massive gathering, Karsa chose his new mount.[6]

In The BonehuntersEdit

Karsa Orlong and Samar Dev accompanied a troop of Anibar led by Boatfinder through the Olphara Peninsula. They discovered an overturned tree whose roots and trunk were merged with an ancient corpse. Karsa identified it as Jaghut, remarking he had seen the like before.[7]

While investigating a K'Chain Nah'ruk Skykeep she had once encased in ice, Ganath wished she had her companions Phyrlis and especially Cynnigig at her side.[8]

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