Commander Pirim 'J Shall was a representative of the Itko Kan government. He was a darkly featured middle-aged man with a moustache and closely trimmed beard. He wore banded armour and a long jupon displaying the blossoms of the former Itko Kan Confederacy.[1]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

During the Malazan civil war, Shall led Invigilator Durmis, Custodian Kapalet, and twenty-nine thousand troops to Li Heng. Their mission was to use the war to extract demands from the Malazan government, possibly including possession of Li Heng itself which was built on land once claimed by the Itko Kan Confederacy.

Thinking he had the upper hand, Shall tried to convince Li Heng's Acting-Fist Hurl that it was time to make concessions. Hurl wiped the smile off his face by demanding he leave at once or face the Li Heng army.[2]

After Malazan Empress Laseen arrived with the Malaz 4th Army and broke the League at the Battle of the Plains, Kanese ambitions were crushed. They threw in with the Empire to fight the newly arrived Crimson Guard. But six of the Guard Avowed blocked the Pilgrim Bridge over the Idryn river, standing between the Kanese ands the Empress. The Kanese were unable to overcome the Guard. But when Durmis became aware of a massive release of magical energies on the main battlefield that was unfriendly to both sides, Commander Pirim was able to work put a truce between them.[3]

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