"Lean, with the physical assurance of a duellist [...] there was something in the man's eyes that suggested [...] here was someone who enjoyed killing."

Pullyk Alar was a young Malazan noble living in Seven Cities.[1] He had the honey-coloured skin and large eyes that marked him as a native of Quon Tali. An accomplished duelist, Pullyk had an imperious air and carried a basket-hilted rapier on his belt to challenge those who did not know their place.[2]

In Deadhouse Gates Edit

Pullyk was caught up in the Whirlwind uprising and became one of the nobles among the refugees being escorted to Aren by Fist Coltaine and his 7th Army.

The young man first came to the notice of Duiker when he approached the historian looking for a Hengese roach dog which had been carried off by one of the Wickan cattle-dogs. When Duiker did not show the proper deference to one of his betters, Pullyk made veiled threats of violence until the appearance of Corporal List.[3]

Pullyk allied with fellow noble Nethpara as members of the march's ad hoc Council of Nobles to make demands of Coltaine. At the River Vathar, he pushed Coltaine to approve enemy commander Korbolo Dom's offer of free passage to the refugees. When Coltaine denied the request, Pullyk and the other nobles made a secret deal with the army of the Apocalypse. The next morning the refugees began crossing the river without permission leading to the Battle of Vathar Crossing. Dom betrayed the refugees and twenty thousand perished in the ensuing slaughter.[4][5]

Pullyk survived and during the subsequent passage through the Sanith Odhan helped secure fresh horses from the Kherahn Dhobri for the noble carriages. The nobles attempted to leave the other refugees behind but were stayed by Duiker. Pullyk challenged Duiker to a duel but before he could finish drawing his sword the veteran soldier had slapped him unconscious with the flat of his blade.[6]

Pullyk was last seen at Aren in the company of Pormqual where he and Nethpara convinced the High Fist that the refugees had been betrayed by Coltaine and Duiker. Duiker took his revenge by slaying Nethpara in front of both men.[7]

In House of Chains Edit

Cuttle told Fist Gamet that Alar had left Aren with Mallick Rel. The sapper had hoped to kill the noble, but had to settle for snapping the neck of only Lenestro.[8] Alar later joined Korbolo Dom's camp and eventually wound up in Raraku. Evidently he never changed his bullying ways as he was cast out of the Oasis by Sha'ik, along with Mallick Rel.[9]

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