Corporal Pyke was a heavy infantry soldier in the Malazan 17th Squad, 4th Company, 2nd Division, Fourth Army. He was described as a lazy sloucher, who shirked every work detail, practice, and drill, and was a constant grumbler and complainer.[1][2]

Pyke was a tall and solidly built Talian veteran.[3]

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Pyke accompanied the Malazan Expeditionary Force to the Lands of Fist to bring the renegade Malazan 6th Army to heel. While on the transport ship Lasana, he pulled a knife on fellow recruit Suth for which he was stripped of rank. The saboteur Len was promoted to fill his postion.[4]

During the marine assault on the fortifications of Aamil, Pyke fought his way up the Moranth siege tower and into the city along with the rest of his squad. He soon joined Adjunct Kyle in an attack on a temple of the Lady. Only the Adjunct's mystic blade saved the squad from a horrible death at the hands of the goddess' priests.[5]

After fighting their way across Skolati, the 17th Squad was one of those chosen to take a key bridge over the Ancy River below the fortress at Three Sisters. By day's end the bridge was in Malazan hands, but the overall battle became a stalemate. The poorly supplied Expeditionary Force sickened and starved, unable to move forward. During this time, Pyke disappeared and was assumed to have deserted. Only after the battle was won did he reappear looking healthy and well-fed.[6][7]

The army made its way across Rool, and the 17th Squad was one of several placed on garrison duty in Banith under Divisional Fist Rillish Jal Keth. The rest of the army pursued Overlord Yeull 'ul Taith to Korel Island. Pyke used the opportunity to extort money from the city's shopkeepers.[8]

Pyke accompanied the 6th and 17th Squads alongside Adjunct Kyle and Fist Rillish on a secret mission to destroy a fragment of 'the Lady' near Thol. The combined squads invaded a network of caves defended by priests and the Stormguard. After a Stormguard ambush, Pyke deserted with his squad's munitions supply. Captured by a priest of the Stormguard, he tried to sell out his squad's location for his own freedom, but the priest executed him in front of his squad.[9]

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