Map Letheras

Map of Letheras

The Quillas Canal was one of the canals in Letheras. It connected to the Lether River on one end and turned into the Creeper Canal on the other. It was a hundred paces across and filled with thick, foul water.[1]

Fronting the canal added value to a property.[2]

The Canal was the location of the infamous Drownings.[3]

When first constructed, the canal was said to be the depth of seven men standing on each others' shoulders. Big trader ships were originally able to navigate its length, but in modern times the canal had become so choked with rubbish that it was barely as deep as the height of a single Tarthenal.[4]

In Midnight TidesEdit

While undergoing his trial by Drowning, Ublala Pung noted that the bottom of the canal was choked with bones and bodies. Shurq Elalle posed the question, "Who is killing all those people?"[4]

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