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For cult, see Cult of Rashan.

Rashan was the human Warren also known as the Path of Darkness.[1]

It was anathema to Thyr, the Warren of Light.[2]

Notable Users[]


"The art of Rashan is found in the tension that binds the games of light, yet its aspect is one of dissipation—the creation of shadow and of dark, although in this case the dark is not absolute, such as is the aspect of the ancient warren, Kurald Galain. No, this dark is particular, for it exists, not through an absence of light, but by virtue of being seen."
―The Mysteries of Rashan-—A Madman's Discourse, Untural of Lato Revae[src]


In early editions of Gardens of the Moon, Tattersail says Rashan is also called the Warren of Illusions and thought to be an accessible Warren of Shadow. Quick Ben replies that Rashan was a false warren, a shadow of what it claimed to represent, in itself an illusion.[3] This appears to have been an editing error and later editions change the warren in question to Meanas.

Notes and references[]

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