Raskan was the Gate Sergeant at Dracons Hold, the great house of Draconus. He owed the position to his cousin, Ivis, the hold's Master at Arms. He was a gruff, bearded man, concerned with formalities, and had a way of walking that quickly wore out the heels of his boots.[1]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Raskan was appointed to lead a security force of four Borderswords west into the Bareth Solitude with Draconus and Arathan.[2] Along the way he felt isolated as Draconus traveled side by side with Arathan while the Borderswords stuck together. In an Azathanai village, Olar Ethil mentally tormented Raskan with his own shame until Draconus intervened and Raskan was forced to stagger away.[3] Only a night of strong drink was enough to bring him back to a semblance of normalcy.[4] The following morning Olar Ethil returned and found Raskan alone. Before he could escape she pulled his head inside of her belly and ripped it from his body.[5]

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