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Sea without water
spreads white bones
crumbled flat and bleached
like parchment
where I walked.

But this scrawl
scratching my wake
is without history
bereft of raiment
to clothe my fate.

Sky has lost its clouds
to some ragged wind
that never runs aground
these shoals revealed
on paths untrod.

Wind heaves waves
unseen in the shell
a cup of promise unfulfilled
the rank lie of salt
that bites my tongue.

I dwelt by a sea, once
etching histories
along the endless strand
in rolling scrolls
of flotsam and weed.

Rumours of the Sea
Fisher kel Tath

Breeder's Wood[]

Letheras, Tehol Beddict's residence[]

Letheras, Rat Catchers' Guild[]

Letheras, Old Palace[]

Feather Witch and the Errant by Dejan Delic

Letheras, Champions Compound[]