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Keel and half a hull remained of the wreck where us wreckers gathered, and the storm of the night past remained like spit in the air when we clambered down into that bent-rib bed.
    I heard many a prayer muttered, hands flashing to ward this and that as befits each soul's need, its conversation with fear begun in childhood no doubt and, could I recall mine, I too would have been of mind to mime flight from terror.
    As it was could only look down at that crabshell harvest of tiny skeletons, the tailed imps with the human-like faces, their hawk talons and all sorts of strange embellishments to give perfect detail to the bright sunny nightmare.
    No wonder is it I forswore the sea that day. Storm and broken ship had lifted a host most unholy and oh there were plenty more no doubt, ringing this damned island.
    As it was, it was me who then spoke a most unsavoury tumble of words. 'I guess not all imps can fly.'
    For all that, it was hardly cause to gouge out my eyes now, was it?

Blind Tobor of the Reach