Redden Brokeleg was ataman of the Plains Lion Assembly, a Seti warrior society.

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Redden and his warriors joined the Talian League making Toc the Elder their warlord. Redden and the other atamans and shamans gathered at the League's assembly point west of Li Heng to question Toc and Choss on their plans for the city. Redden and the others were impatient to attack, but Toc cautioned that more allies were needed and were on the way.

Redden decided to speak "openly what others only dare tell their Hands." He revealed that there was discord amongst the warriors. The Seti prophet Wildman counselled against making alliances with outsiders, especially Malazans, who thought only to use the Seti for their own advantage. Redden also noted that Wildman was on his way to attempt to take control of the gathered warriors.[1]

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