Renalt, aka 'Renalt of March', was a young crew member of the corsair vessel, the Tempest, which preyed on the shipping and the coastal communities in the Rivan Sea area of southern Genabackis.[1][2]

In Deadhouse LandingEdit

Renalt was part of a group of Tempest crew members, led by Hela, who were plotting to kill Kallor (also referred to as 'the stranger') - a passenger of the ship who, along with his minion, Lars Jindrift - was sailing on the Tempest from Seven Ruins Island westward. Renalt and the other corsairs were motivated not only by the wealth that it was evident that Kallor possessed, but also because they wanted to cut short the westward voyage across the ocean. Renalt agreed with Hela that they should "take Kallor down". The first mate, Wess, pointed out to Renalt - who had proceeded to pull out a slim dagger - that Kallor always wore a mail coat and that more effective weapons than knives would have to be used. Therefore, Wess told the quartermaster, Gudun, to open the ship's armoury and to arm everyone with crossbows and bolts. Renalt had felt that Bonecutter Jute, the ship's bonecutter and sometime Ruse sea-mage, should be consulted first - a view that the others agreed with - even though the old man was, as usual, the worse for drink. Even Renalt, however, finally had to give up trying to get any sense out of Bonecutter Jute and he was left to his drinking. Unfortunately for Renalt and the rest, Lars Jindrift had been spying all this time on the conspirators, and - hearing their plan - rushed to inform Kallor of the fate that the corsair crew had planned for him. Kallor had no difficult dealing with the would-be murderers, however, killing all but twenty of the crew, including - presumably - all of the crossbow-armed plotters.[3]


"Why sail onward?... He's one man, and rich! Let's toss him overboard and be on our way!"
―The corsair, Hela, addressing conspirators amongst the crew of the Tempest about doing away with Kallor.[src]
"West, he says... Like it's a stroll across the Deep... I say we get rid a' him."
―Gudun agreeing with Hela's proposal to eliminate Kallor.[src]

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