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Rents were magical wounds "in the fabric of the barriers between Realms."[1] The best documented one in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series was simply referred to as The Rent and was located at Morn. It was said only the Great K'Chain Che'Malle Matrons could master them reliably enough to create one on purpose.[2]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

A small rent opened through which Oponn's coin dropped at the feet of Crokus.[3]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

A mage driven mad by exposure to Otataral in the Skullcup slave mining camp ripped open a rent whilst his Warren mindlessly attacked the Ripath. The ship was pulled through the vortex and was transported to the Nascent, a flooded section of the Kurald Emurlahn Warren.[4] The insane mage followed the ship through their own rent and continued the assault.[5]

The mage was quickly killed by a Logros T'lan Imass hunting party in order to prevent any more damage to the Warren. The ending of the mad sorcerer's storm revealed the wound in the sky, which resembled a leaking black lesion that was as large as a full moon. Upon looking straight at it, Felisin and Kulp were pulled into a trance-like state (described as feeling like the rent was leaking into their eyes), and had to force themselves to look away.[6]

Gesler offered to seal the rent, but Hentos Ilm, the T'lan Imass party leader, denied him as his human soul was insufficient. Legana Breed, a clanless T'lan Imass, volunteered to sacrifice his soul to seal the rent, though it was revealed that Legana escaped by secretly using the soul of a severed Tiste Andii head instead of his own.[7]

One of the T'lan Imass revealed to Stormy that to use one's soul to seal a rent meant an eternity of great pain, as the wound healed around you.[8]

In Memories of IceEdit

See also: The Rent (Morn)

In Midnight TidesEdit

The armies of Silchas Ruin's Tiste Andii and Scabandari Bloodeye's Tiste Edur passed through a violent rent in northern Lether to enter and invade the Malazan world.[9]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

A similar rent opened between the mortal world and Chaos during the Battle of the Plains near Li Heng on the continent of Quon Tali.[10] The hole was torn between the realms during a fierce struggle between mages travelling through a warren on a sailing ship that skirted "the edge of Chaos" and then careened into the center of the continent.[11]


"They are crimes against existence. They undermine the very ground upon which we live, the air we breathe. [They] must be destroyed at all cost."

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