Resh was a Yan Shake warlock of the monks of Yannis Monastery.

He was a big, thick-limbed man whose shoulders slouched under their own weight. His weathered face was dominated by his flat twisted nose and bright blue eyes. He projected a challenging physical presence, but had a melodious voice. He wore the grey robes of his sect and carried a two-handed axe.[1]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

Warlock Resh was part of a patrol of monks led by Caplo Dreem looking for children north of Yannis to capture and recruit for the monastery. They discovered a band of outlaws at a wilderness spring west of Neret Sorr, but were unable to take any child captives before the children were slain by their own parents. The monks showed no mercy to the outlaws or their families.[2][3] Meeting Faror Hend and the mysterious T'riss afterwards, Caplo schemed to bring T'riss to Yannis to meet Mother Sheccanto. In a monastery courtyard, T'riss radiated such power that the magic sensitive Resh fell over gaging and choking. When asked by Caplo what he was feeling, Resh choked out the word "Rage".[4]

In Fall of LightEdit

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