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Return of the Crimson Guard
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All bow to the Eternal Round,
Save the Avowed.

All sink into dimming Night,
Save the Avowed.

All to the wither of time must go,
Save the Avowed.

None gainst Hood's touch make defence,
Save the Avowed.

Yet to lure of the eternal return they did yield.

Lay of K'azz
Fisher kel Tath

Li Heng[]

The Crimson Guard leaders meet emissaries from the Malazans outside Li Heng. Each side declines to surrender, and prepares for the battle.

After hours of stand-off, the fighting gradually begins. The Malazan skirmishers approach Shimmer's troops and are repelled by her Mages. Then she and her subordinates are attacked by several Claw assassins. One, a Mage, pulls her into the Shadow Warren while magically throttling her. She manages to kill him, and is then expelled from Shadow by Edgewalker; but he first mentions that K'azz is also there, and Shimmer is able to contact him telepathically. He tells her that it was Skinner and Cowl who betrayed him.


Mallick Rel hires a boat to take him across the Untan harbour so that he can contact Mael and remonstrate with him. However Mael is no longer under his control: the local population have sensed his presence and have been worshipping him in their own fashion, which has freed him from Mallick's Jhistal ties. Mael transports him to Cawn.