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And in that year, at that conflagration, there was revealed once again upon the world that presence that had been withdrawn for so long. All else must be disregarded as mere commentary. That new old lurking presence asserted itself and the Night acquired the taste of blood and iron.

Street Prophet, Kan

Wickan Plains[]

Nil and Nether have become aware of the confrontation in Li Heng. They decide to intervene on the Malazan side. The Malazans would then be indebted to them, and the price will be their sovereignty. They take a thousand veteran riders, and Rillish; and as the normal Warrens have guardians who might intervene, they intend to travel through the Abyss itself.

Li Heng[]

Hurl, Rell, and Liss have left Li Heng and go to the battlefield. They expect Ryllandaras to be attracted by the bloodshed and intend to attack him.

Kyle's party are being led through the Shadow Warren. Jan admits that he is in fact Duke K'azz. Edgewalker intervenes to expel them from Shadow; they find themselves in Quon Tali, not far from the battlefield. K'azz contacts the Brethren and expels Skinner from the company.

The Crimson Guard divides into two parties: those loyal to K'azz, and Skinner's followers. The latter continue to attack the Malazan remaining position, but are routed by the Wickan cavalry who suddenly arrive on the field. Skinner remains and is attacked by two previous members of Dassem Ultor's bodyguard. They are suddenly joined by someone who appears to be Dassem Ultor himself; he eventually wounds Skinner and forces him to withdraw. The mysterious swordsman then disappears again.