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Vision dims, memory fades,
All forestalled is discounted,
And so returns upon the ignorant,
In violent refrain.

Lessons from the field of the Crossroads
Waden Burdeth, Unta

Serc Warren[]

Yath has combined the powers of the Mages to transport them through Serc warren. However he starts attacking the Crimson Guard, and announces his intention to revenge himself on the Malazans by devastating the whole of the Quon Tali continent. He moves the ship to the edge of Chaos then opens a gate to Quon Tali, so creating a Rent. The ship crash-lands on the battlefield.

Li Heng[]

Five Crimson Guard Avowed have been defending a bridge, preventing Kanese troops from reinforcing the Malazans. They are now all wounded; Duke K'azz, Kyle, and company relieve them. Kyle finds Osserc's sword to be magically effective. After a while Kanese emissaries ask for a truce: their magic-user has detected the approach of a manifestation of great power. The power arrives: Yath and the ship emerge from Serc.

Sergeant Jumpy by PLUGO

Yath has retained the augmented powers of the Ritual, and is attacking the Malazan army while strengthening the Rent: soon it will be self-sustaining. The high-mage Tayschrenn arrives and engages Yath; they are evenly matched. Three Veils loyal to Skinner attack Tayschrenn, and one wounds him. Both Tayschrenn and Yath vanish into the Rent. A Malazan sapper, Nait, then explodes their accumulated munitions just inside the mouth of the Rent, which shrinks and disappears.