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See the little blackbird,
Dappled and grey.
See the fallen soldiers,
Dappled and grey.
It hunts a tasty morsel,
Dappled and grey.
It looks in eyes unseeing,
Dappled and grey.

Children's rhyme
Streets of Heng

Li Heng[]

Toc the Elder is the leader of the Seti tribes, but there is unrest: they are gathered outside Li Heng but do not attack. Toc explains he is awaited further arrivals, but is pressured to mount a, possibly premature, attack. Another complication is The Wildman of the foothills, an unknown agitator who denounces all contact with non-Seti people. Toc sends his aide, Captain Moss, to investigate.

Storo's troops defending Li Heng are surprised that the Seti are attacking the enormously high walls. At first the Seti take many casualties, but then a gate is treacherously opened and the invaders enter the city. The defenders retreat to the inner walls.

More Talian League troops arrive outside Li Heng, led by Urko, another of the Old Guard. They hear that Laseen and the Malazan army have left Unta and is travelling towards them. The leaders discuss the disposition of their forces.

Warren of Thyr[]

Skinner and Cowl leave Unta via the dangerous Thyr warren, which derived from the Elder warren of Kurald Thyrllan. They are confronted by four Tiste Liosan; Skinner easily overcomes them.

Wickan Plains[]

Lieutenant Rillish learns that the Wickans' leader, though a toddler, is Coltaine reborn. Rillish renounces his Malazan rank and joins the Wickans, who intend to invade towards Unta in retaliation for the Malazan invasion of Wickan lands.