Return of the Crimson Guard
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A beachEdit

A bent figure exits a tent on a lagoon to stand over an armoured man lying unconscious in the surf. The bent one is the Chained God and he awakens Skinner, who finds himself healed. The God says he has been watching Skinner and wonders what the man can do for him. Skinner claims the title of King of High House Chains and offers the service of forty Avowed. The God says it is about time somebody claimed it.

Near Li HengEdit

A man stands amidst the carnage of the battlefield, his head lowered. Hood speaks through a corpse and names him Dessembrae, noting that he has assumed that aspect. They have a tense conversation. Hood asks why he is here and Dessembrae says he has come to bear witness to a soldier's death. The man who died, likely Ullen Khadeve, would have become a High Fist and one of the Malazan Empire's greatest generals if not for a few twists of fate on the battlefield. Dessembrae says he no longer expects death to have a reason and that he and Hood will speak again soon.

The Deadhouse, Malaz CityEdit

Topper has chased Cowl to the Deadhouse. Rather than fight Topper, Cowl decides to choose his own fate and allows himself to be taken by the Azath House. The Avowed is dragged underground to an eternal prison and Topper is horrified.

The Wickan PlainsEdit

Rillish Jal Keth lies in bed with the pregnant Talia. He is a member of the Wickan delegation to the Throne, but is not welcome in Unta for the Empress' funeral. He notes that Mallick Rel has been chosen Emperor by the unanimous acclaim of the Assembly, regional governors, and Fists.

The Idryn River, west of Li HengEdit

Captain Moss appears at a river trading post asking questions about Ghelel Rhik Tayliin. He is looking to tie up the Empire's loose ends.

The Sea of Storms, between Quon Tali and KorelEdit

On the Ardent, Iron Bars mourns having missed the battle. He is listless and near catatonic for having failed his fellow Guard. Their ship is pursued and then sunk by a Mare vessel and all are taken captive, to be sold to the Korelri for the Stormwall.

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