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This, the first of wars, paroxysmed for time unmeasured. Ever Light thrust yet dissipated, and ever Night retreated yet smothered. Thus the two combatants locked in an ever-widening gyre of eternal creation and destruction. Countless champions of both Houses arose, scoured the face of creation in their potency, only to fall each in turn, their names now lost to memory.
    Then, in what some named the ten thousandth turn of the spreading whorl of the two hosts, there came to the shimmering curtain edge of battle one unknown to either House, and he did castigate the combatants.
    'Who are you to speak thusly?' demanded he who would come to be known as Draconus.
    'One who has moved upon the Void long enough to know this will never end.'
    'It is ordained,' answered a champion of Light, Liossercal. 'Ever must one rise, the other fall.'
    Disdainful, the newcomer thrust the opponents apart. Then agree that this be so and name it done!
    And so both Houses fell upon the stranger tearing him into countless fragments.
    Thus was Shadow born and the first great sundering ended.

Myth Fragment
Compendium Primal, Mantle

The Elder Age[]

Denuth, a child of Mother Earth, explores the scene of a violent explosion. He finds Liossercal lying wounded along the shore of a leagues-long, water-filled crater and is shocked to discover that the Son of Light has caused the destruction by destroying an Azath House. Denuth considers taking advantage of the Soletaken Eleint's weakness to finish him off, but Liossercal smiles threateningly, sensing his intentions. Liossercal argues that "Draconus is a fool. His conclusions flawed. Rigidity is not the answer." Instead, Liossercal claims his own actions at the Azath House were for "exploring alternatives." Denuth orders him to leave, hurrying Liossercal on his way by noting that Draconus is approaching and he "brings his answer with him."

As Denuth sits at the crater's shore, he is approached by Draconus, in pursuit of Liossercal and seemingly bearing an unfinished Dragnipur in the form of an "alarming darkness." When Denuth warily greets the deadly Elder God using the titles "Consort of Dark" and "Suzerain of Night", Draconus claims to be "Consort no longer. And that suzerainty long defied." Draconus is eager to add the Bastard of Light's essence to the Void at his side, but Denuth foretells that "He is not for you." A cross Draconus says his pursuit is in service of his own version of union and prepares to follow Liossercal. When Denuth attempts to involve Anomander Rake, Draconus sneers, "Speak not to me of that upstart. I will bring him to heel soon enough." Voicing his attraction to this new world of "change and flux", Draconus muses that "perhaps I shall remain a time here" before he departs Denuth's side.

Denuth despairs for peace on a world filled with such powerful feuding entities. He decides to continue contemplating and consult with Mother Earth for answers.