The Revenants were a military unit, commanded by an outlawed Seguleh. Their patron god was Hood. It was widely thought that the entire company was taken by Hood, himself, to serve in the realm of the dead.[1]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Sweetest Sufferance told Faint that when she had been a child, her grandfather had told her that he had been a warrior in the Revenants. He also told her that the Revenants were flagellants.[2]

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Potentially membersEdit

These two were Seguleh who had been hired to drive the Malazans out of One Eye Cat, then seemed to have gone renegade. They were not named as Revenants but it seems likely that they had been part of the company with one of them possibly the leader.[3]

Was wearing some kind of mask and had also been in One Eye Cat but was not directly called a Seguleh. If a Seguleh, he could also potentially have been the outlawed leader as he seemed to be commanding Madrun and Lazan.[3]

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