Map Genabackis from GotM

Map Genabackis from GotM

The Rhivi Plain was a large plain in the center of north Genabackis.[1] To the north of Pale, it was flat and yellow-grassed.[2] The plain was mainly composed of grassland and its centre was home to the nomadic Rhivi culture.[3] The Rhivi Trail ran from the city of Pale north, through the plain to Patch. The Plain was surrounded on three sides (west, east and south) by mountain ranges including the Barghast Range, the Tahlyn Mountains and the Moranth Mountains and forestland.[4]

The Rhivi Plain had once been the site of an ancient inland sea that had ultimately withdrawn to the borders of Lake Azur.[5]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

Toc the Younger had ridden out from Pale to rendezvous with Adjunct Lorn. Three days after leaving Pale, the Rhivi Plain was all around him. He followed an old merchant track, running north-south along the western edge of the Plain, likely to be the Rhivi Trail. The trade had disappeared but generations of heavy use meant it was still noticeable.[6]

Somewhere on the trader's track, Lorn's party was ambushed by Ilgres Barghast. She and two surviving guards were pursued in a south-westerly direction from the trader's track by the remaining Barghast. Some time later (possibly only an hour), Lorn called a hold when they came to a lone hill. There they faced the enemy which they eventually defeated with the help of Onos T'oolan and Toc the Younger. Lorn considered the hill to be an unnatural occurrence. She observed that the base was encircled by the tops of mostly buried stones. She thought it likely that they were standing stones and the hill a barrow, possibly dating back millennia. The mound itself was covered in grass.[7]

The barrow was located a six to seven day walk from Pale.[8]

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